Tidbits Birthday Girl

April 19th, 2021


Today's birthday girl is Lauren Mills, mom, oil & gas accountant and founder of new business Initially Mine, launching today. Each month we celebrate a local entrepreneur on her special day.

Happy birthday! How will you be celebrating this year? 
Spending the day at Trellis Spa with two of my oldest girlfriends. Then attending the West U Little League auction and gala tonight.

In addition to being an oil & gas accountant, you have founded Initially Mine, an e-commerce destination launching today where one can buy and sell gently-used keepsake children’s clothing. Tell us about why you started your business.
When my children grew out of their monogrammed and smocked clothing, I sought out other families with the same name or initials to pass them on to, and the idea to create an online marketplace was born. I couldn’t find an online store to search by initial, monogram or name, so I created one!

What’s your monogram and your favorite monogram style?
LMS (first, last, middle) and I have always loved Fishtail.

Favorite children's styles you're excited about for spring/summer.
Rompers! The Beaufort Bonnet Company has adorable options including this strawberry one I snagged for my daughter.

One children's clothing item worth splurging on? Saving on?
I splurge on coordinating sibling sets and swimwear and save on school clothes.

Favorite place for family brunch?
Tiny’s No. 5.

What's on your birthday wish list?
Stuart Weitzman Goldie Pearly Stud Jelly Sandals for summer and bar studs for my new second holes.

Always in my work bag or clutch.
My Simplified planner and Charlotte Tilbury matte lipsticks. I love the creamy texture.

Three local businesses you love supporting.
Tres Market - I grab coffee almost daily between daycare drop-off and work, Lam Bespoke - beautiful selection of furniture and home decor items, and Bering’s - has it all and recently launched a weekly Farmers Market!

Neighborhood you call home and why you love it? 
Braeswood - Hurricane Harvey proved we have some of the best neighbors and I love that we can walk to school next year.

Tell us one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you.
I love 90s rap!

We’ve all had them… funniest #momfail?
We celebrated Easter in Austin. 30 minutes into our drive home my MIL texted me, “You left the Easter baskets. Don’t tell the kids!”

New book you can't wait to devour…
Growing Boldly by Emily Ley

Podcasts and series you're addicted to…
Love listening to entrepreneurs - The Christy Wright Show and Simplified by Emily Ley - and parenting podcasts, Unruffled by Janet Lansbury, on my commute. 

If you had one hour to do anything you want – what would you do?
Take a nap or get a mani/pedi!

What is your sign and do you identify with it?
Taurus. Yes - I can be stubborn!

How many candles are you blowing out?
The big 4-0.

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