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How It Works

Monogrammed items are sentimental and precious to your family! Give a second life to your high quality clothing and accessories and pass on the love to another family with the same name or initials. Initially Mine makes it easy for you to earn money by reselling your gently used monogrammed items online.

Step 1

Start Selling Today

Initially Mine provides a hassle free consignment service for busy families looking to make money on keepsake quality items their children have outgrown.

Step 2

Quality Check

Initially Mine prides itself on reselling high quality keepsake items, and we only sell items that are New With Tags or Gently Used. Each item is carefully inspected for stains, tears, or missing pieces prior to listing on the marketplace.

Step 3

We Price Your Item

Initially Mine determines the price based on the brand and condition of each item.

Step 4

Earn Commission

Sellers receive 60% of the final sale price as a commission.


Step 5

You Get Paid

Payments are sent at the end of each month.

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