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How It Works

Monogrammed items are sentimental and precious to your family! Give a second life to your high quality clothing and accessories and pass on the love to another family with the same name or initials. Initially Mine makes it easy for you to earn money by reselling your gently used monogrammed items online.

Step 1

Set Up An Account

Register for an account under the "Sell" Menu.

Step 2

Send Us Your Items

Mail your items to:

Initially Mine, LLC

6711 Stella Link Blvd. #356

Houston, TX 77005

Step 3

Quality Check & Pricing

Items are inspected to ensure no stains, tears, or missing buttons. Initially Mine determines the price based on the brand and condition of each item.

Step 4

Earn Commission

Sellers receive 60% of the final sale price as a commission.


Step 5

Get Paid

Payments are sent via Venmo at the end of each month.

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